The business was established in 1946 after the founder William "Bill" Smith returned home from his service in the Navy as a pilot instructor.
The armed services provided a booklet with ideas for different businesses that were needed at that time and this is what led him to building
the business.  Named Smith's Frozen Food Bank as he locker rentals available in the freezer, since in those days no one had chest freezers . It
took a husband and wife team to manage all aspects of the business, so June his wife was in charge of the book work.  Bill semi-retired and
his sons Craig and Bruce carried the business forward.

     Through the years the business changed to meet the demands of the day and has morphed into a retail store for fresh meats, frozen meats
and frozen fish being rounded out with a smokehouse in which real wood smoke from sawdust is used in the process.  Renamed to Smith's Meat
 to help distinguish the new business model  from days gone past.

     We make our own Bacon, Hams, Jerky, Beef Snack Sticks, Sausages and a ready to cook Ham Loaf using time proven recipes. Also available are
 heat and eat items such as meatballs, buttermilk chicken and baby back ribs.  Ready to cook items include  include entrees, spiced fish filets,
 and pies.

     We stand by our products as we eat what we sell. If we won't eat it; you won't either. That's something the big stores don't care about.

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Exceptions - We are open the Monday before a Holiday